The “End of Times” is always entertaining to think about. Zombie apocalypse, nuclear holocaust, extreme natural disasters etc.  The idea of self-survival, reliance, and responsibility brings a sense of freedom, even under undoubtedly harsh conditions.

“Bug Out” vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing they all have in common is the ability to provide for themselves and be ready to handle any situation thrown their way, without outside assistance.

For us, it doesn’t need to be in a time of war, drought, or famine. The “End of the Week” is what we’re planning for! That’s why Seven Feathers Casino came to us to build them a one of a kind truck that would suit the everyday needs of the typical “outdoorsman”.

Since this truck would likely find itself on rural roads and trails (where cellular service is non-existent), reliability is KEY.  The 2015 Dodge Ram 2500 would give us that peace of mind, while providing plenty of power and comfort inside the massive crew cab that seats six.

Bringing the truck off the ground, and providing ground clearance for all those nasty rocks and boulders we were sure to encounter, we through on a BDS Suspension 6″ 4-Link System that would free up enough room for the 37″ Patriot Tires to turn freely.

The tires are wrapped around custom military wheels that are easy to bolt on via Motorsport-Tech wheel adapters.

Getting in and out after a long day of hiking trails is painless with the addition of Rough Country step bars.

This truck needed to be as tough as the elements it would be forced to endure. The Mercenary off-road front and rear bumpers “Miss Piggy” provide more than enough body protection, as well as house a 12k SmittyBilt winch and Baja Designs XLPRO and SZPRO lights.

For highway driving to and from your adventure trailheads the GoRecon Projector Headlights light the way and the GoRecon Tailights keep those tailgaters on high alert.

The RK Sport Ram Air Hood helps direct fresh air into the engine compartment where an S&B Cold Air Intake picks it up, cleans it of particles, and forces it into the intake manifold.

For the weekend warrior, we opted for the ARE Topper Shell with a PopperEZ Lift Weekender Tent Kit. This system is slick. With a push of a button, the topper raises up 20-30 inches revealing a tent skirt that seals the topper to the bed. No more setting up and tearing down those ridiculous tents.

To dress her up a bit, we threw on a set of Bushwhacker Fender Flares, Motorsport Manufacturing Grille, Vinyl Wurx bright orange wrap, and a custom Sparks Motors roof rack. And because every build needs that “cherry on top”, we built a custom MotoPed rack that mounts in the hitch receiver to hold the included Survival Motoped.