Boys will be boys. That saying pretty much encompasses this entire build. It’s a truck that is purpose built to “roll over”. Yeah, you read that right.

We spent weeks throwing out crazy ideas, crunching numbers, and enlisting the guys at Overkill Racing and Chassis to create this bad boy.

Our lead engineer (@morguyver) came up with the idea in the first place, and it was his idea to use the egg shape for the exterior cage it would essentially “roll” on.

Vehicles pitch forward quite a bit when slamming on the brakes, and even more so if your front suspension has been neglected. But even so, you’d have to really stuff those bad boys if you wanted to get your rear tires off the ground. Let alone, up over your head and back around again.

The answer is this conundrum is two hydraulic rams mounted to the rear track bars. A button is pushed at the precise moment you stomp the brakes, and the two rams are crammed with hydraulic fluid raising the rear end nearly 12″ in a matter of seconds – giving us that extra kick we needed to roll over.

Ultimately, what was the purpose of this build? Fun. And a little, “Why Not?”.