Heavy D and the infamous Chuck Norris mashed minds to dream up this build. What materialized thereafter is one of the biggest, baddest trucks to ever grace this Earth.

Truck Norris uses the 2012 Chevrolet 2500 as its platform. But from there, it’s come a very long way…

Truck Norris lays massive tracks wherever it goes with the 40″ Nitto Tire Trail Grapplers that are securely fitted to the 20″ Hutchinson Wheels.

The custom-built McGaughys Suspension System adds about 4″ over stock to clear those monstrous tires. Long Travel Front A- Arms and Rear Deaver Springs  provide a cushy ride over any terrain this planet can dish out – all dampened and controlled by FOA coilovers, bypass shocks, and bumps.

A Fiberwerx Front Clip and Rear Fenders provide the extra coverage for extended travel, and a wider stance, adding to the truck’s mean mug. A Sparks Motors custom grille insert and EcoTint headlights finish off the super aggressive look, that if gazed upon directly, will make you question your very existence.

Fusion Bumpers (front and rear) add protection and provide a solid point for strapping up those less fortunate trucks needing recovery. The front bumper also features a “hidden” 12,000 lb. winch. The custom bed and roof rack were built in-house and tie nicely into the Wilco Tire Gate.

Truck Norris doesn’t wait on the sun. It takes the sun with it wherever it goes thanks to the insane lumen output from the KC Hilites LED lighting outfitted throughout. Ready for anything, the Decked Storage System provides lockable storage to stow any supplies Truck Norris might need on his adventures.

Comfort is Truck Norris’s middle name. Custom diamond-stitched suede seats, featuring “Truck Norris” embedded headrests by RoadWire keep you right where you want to be. And with the Kenwood touchscreen receiver, all your favorite tunes are just a touch away.

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