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Capable of traveling over nearly any terrain and allowing those at its helm to live “off-the-grid” for over a week, this six-wheeled beast is any hunters dream.

The stretched six-door F-650 (with “climb-through” access to the camper) offers seating for six in super cush BEARD Torque Bucket Seats – allowing its passengers to ride in style and keep them in place, even while bouncing over the roughest terrain.

Behind the custom Sparks Motors built front bumper sits the 24 Valve 5.9L Cummins power plant that delivers through the Diesel Conversion Specialists Adapter to the Randy’s Transmissions built 5R110 with a PCS Tune.

From the 5R110 Trans, the power is fed into a Ford 271F Transfer Case, and then runs straight into the SCS 1:1 Drop Case. There it’s split up and sent to the triple AxleTech 3000 axles.

The power is finally put to the ground via 46″ Military spec tires. Black Rock Fabrication Brake Caliper Adapters come into play to stop all that rolling mass.

The camper portion is basically a stock camper that we stripped down and mated to the F-650 cab and frame. The exterior is outfitted with (4) 20″ DPG LED Light Bars and Dual DPG Reverse Lights to provide plenty of light over your camp.

The camper utilizes a One Solar Panel and Battery Setup that can fully power the outfit for upwards of 7 days.

The custom front bumper mentioned above was built in-house and features (2) 6″ DPG Flood Lights, and (2) Monster Hooks.

Motorsports Manufacturing provides that clean front end look that we just can’t get enough of.

The cherry on top is the removable UTV Hauler Rack that easily attaches to the rear of the camper, making it truly an all-in-one setup that’s more than ready for any hunting trip or outing.

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