This giveaway ended February 27, 2017. We'll have a winner soon!


The Mega RamRunner has been an icon for Sparks Motors and Diesel Power Gear since its debut at SEMA two years ago in 2014. That means it’s been used and abused for nearly two years now. So when Heavy D decided on this being the next giveaway, we all knew it was headed in for a much needed “refresh”. What we didn’t expect was to walk into the shop to find the Mega Ram stripped down to bare chassis. When they say “rebuild”, they mean it. – from the ground up.

The body has been stripped of all the old decals, paint sanded down, primed, new paint laid, cut and buffed. The underside of the body has been treated to a nice thick layer of bedliner which will not only protect the cab from mud and rocks, but also provide ample sound dampening.

The frame has been media blasted, strengthened, and coated with a fresh thick layer of rust preventing paint.

A beefy new T-case mount cradles the T-case and provides all the protection you could need with nearly 1/2″ thick steel.

With SEMA right around the corner… it’s crunch time.

Check out the pics from the process so far! Check back to see the final paint and what’s next for the rebuild!