10/14/16 – 2/27/17

2012 Dodge Ram 2500 

6.7 Cummins

Automatic Transmission

Custom Six-Door Cab

Long Bed

Chris Beckman

from Torrance, California


Reincarnated from a crumpled up, rolled over 2012 Dodge Ram 3500, the #MEGARAMRUNNER is no stranger to the limelight. As one of our premier builds, it was showcased at the 2014 SEMA trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada and ever since that day it’s been a fan favorite.

The raggedy remainders of the bone stock RAM were sent to MEGAx2 where the the cab and frame were stretched enough to cram in a third door that was custom made using two separate donor doors and a window from a Dodge Durango. Complete with three sunroofs and seating for six, this truck turns even the meanest mini van green with envy.

Our most iconicbuild to date

Under the hood sits a 600 HP Cummins feeding power to a custom built Ford 4R100 Transmission thanks to the guys at Diesel Conversion Specialists. The power is then passed on to the  AxleTech T600 Transfer Case where it is split up and sent to the 2 Massive Axle Tech 4000 planetary axles, and finally put to the ground via 43″ Goodyear Military tires.

The 1500 lb. axles are held in place via a custom built 4-link suspension up front with dual FOA coil-overs on each side of the axle. The rear axle is leaf sprung and a pair of FOA shocks help dampen the ride.

With four LED cubes in the front Fusion bumper, two in the RaceMesh Trucks grille, four in the custom made ECO Tint headlights, and a Diesel Power Gear 50″ curved bar sitting just above the windshield, there is enough light output to rival the sun. 


Two Monster swivel hooks hang off the rear Fusion bumper giving the “less fortunate” ones a place to hook on for recovery. The rear bumper is also fitted with two flush Diesel Power Gear 6-LED cubes for those pesky tailgaters.

One of the most loved features on this truck are the custom built Quad Octostackz that are tucked up against the custom headache rack built by our good friends at Mallory Engineering. The Octostackz are 7 inches in diameter and produce a deep exhaust note. We had grand plans to manufacture and sell the Octostackz, but that came to a halt when we received a notice that someone has a patent on an octogonal stack. Who knew? Sigh…

Some of our viewers have expressed concern over the Mega RamRunner’s whereabouts…. Worry not. The Mega RamRunner is making a comeback in a big way… as our newest giveaway truck! 

This truck has been around the block… and through the mud, rock crawling on the slick rock in Moab, Utah, just to name a few. We’ve put this machine to the test. So guess what? We’re tearing it down to the chassis, and rebuilding this beauty from the ground up. Our most famous build is going to be rebuilt to mint condition. 

This is one giveaway you don’t want to miss! Entry dates are October 14th, 2016 – February 27th, 2017, so get your entries in!