Accurately coined The Reaper, this truck is not your weekend warrior toy-hauling workhorse. The Reaper is a purpose built machine made to do one thing- melt faces one quarter mile at a time.


Producing nearly 1500 horses of power, the internally balanced 6.6L race motor is no laughing matter. Sporting triple HSP Turbos, an HSP water to air intake manifold, 500% Exergy Injectors, three 12mm Exergy Pumps, and Wagler heads, this is one built Duramax.


All that power is then fed into a Full Billet 47re Manual Valve Body Transmission where it’s converted into useable power, split up, and sent to the front and rear differentials. Yukon 3:42 gears, spools, and axles combine to send that power to the 33×12 Mickey Thompson Slicks.


Easily breaking 10 seconds down the track and laying out 1480 HP on the dyno, it’s safe to say that our in-house Duramax expert, Chavis Fryer, has outdone himself on this one.