Congrats to Brett Damron of Mt. Vernon, Illinois

Welcome to the Trifecta Giveaway diesel fans! What’s a Trifecta? Well, the modern term of the word means three perfect things. This giveaway is exactly that! Three perfect powerful 2017 trucks are up for grabs. Winner gets to pick the Dodge Ram 3500, Chevy Silverado 3500, or Ford F-250.

These trucks bring some pretty different styling to the road and are ready to annihilate anything in their path. They all have been given a slight face lift in the way of a 2-inch leveling kit. Each truck has under 7,000 miles on it and is decked out with 40″ tires, and custom products by Fab Fours.



1/25/18 – 3/12/18



2017 Dodge Ram 3500

Crew Cab

Midnight Edition


2017 Chevy Silverado 3500

Crew Cab + Shell


2017 Ford F-250 Super Duty

Crew Cab


Brett Damron

of Mt. Vernon, Illinois




It has been said that the Dodge Ram 3500 is one of the hardest working pickup trucks out there. This 2017 beast started life as a standard 4 door crew cab. It boasts the power of the legendary 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel Engine, and AISIN 6-speed automatic transmission. This generates up to 385 horsepower and a whopping 900 lb-ft of torque.

The guys at Fab Fours installed a complete front Grumper (combination of a grille and bumper). It is composed of 13 separate pieces which connect to the truck to make up a one piece unit. This unique design also incorporates a winch that is hidden and protected behind the lower section of the bumper. The Grumper brings added style and allows a full custom aggressive appearance on this Ram.

Next to beef up the look even more they added a Vicowl (incorporates a visor with a cowl). The visor houses 4 lights in the middle of the visor and a larger cowl that meets the bottom of the windshield.

Then they had to come up with a solution to fit the huge 40-inch tires. Fab Four designed the open fender, which allows large tires with only a 2-inch leveling kit. This is a system that does require some modifications to the stock fenders, but the open fender installs and covers up any cuts. It gives a unique stance and fit to the truck.

To help you get into this beast a set of side steps has been added. These steps offer a 10-inch wide stomp pad and are made out of 13 gauge steel and then powder coated to keep them looking good for years. Finally, the rear of this monster is finished with the Vengeance rear bumper. This bumper has some of the unique style to match the front Grumper. It is also made out of heavy duty 11 gauge steel which is built right here in the USA.

It’s time to “grab life by the horns” and take this truck home.


The king of Chevrolet trucks is the Silverado 3500. This 2017 stock 3500 is a crew cab with upgrades from Fab Fours which make it a one of a kind unique ride. This truck is powered by the iconic Duramax 6.6L turbocharged V-8 diesel. Everything about the Duramax has been redesigned. The 2017 Duramax makes 19% more torque then the previous year. It produces 445 horsepower and 910 lb – ft torque. This power is boosted from a new patent-pending vehicle air intake system which is on the Silverado and also incorporates a bold new hood scoop which drives cool dry air into the engine for better performance and maximum power. The proven durability of the Allison 6-speed transmission handles getting the power to the ground.

Fab Fours installed their unique 13 piece front grille-bumper combo called the Grumper. This bumper has neon green accents that make it really pop. It also houses a heavy duty winch in case you want to get this beauty dirty and need that security rope just in case.

This Duramax also sports the Vicowl which gives the truck a bold look with added windshield protection.

The 40-inch tires give this Chevy an amazing stance only possible by the open fender system from Fab Fours without a lift kit. This is a unique look that really shows off these trucks. In order to help get in this monster, a set of Fab Fours side steps have been added. The beefy steps give plenty of strength from their 13 gauge steel and 10 inch wide step pad. Then they are coated for extra long life. Finally the rear of this truck has been finished off with the Vengeance rear bumper which also houses matching openings to the front gumper and is made from heavy 11 gauge steel.

Go “find new roads” in this powerful and bold looking truck! Could you be the winner?


This 2017 Super Duty is the toughest and most capable truck Ford has ever built. The military-grade, aluminum-alloy body is even more sturdy than before, but 350 pounds lighter.

The Power Stroke V-8 turbo diesel is the class leader in torque offering up to 440 horsepower with up to 925 lb-ft. Ford has an amazing interior with all the bells and whistles that will keep you comfortable and informed with the Sync 3 system. The cab is noticeably bigger especially for the passengers in the back.

TLooking on the outside, Fab Fours added the Vengeance front bumper. The Vengeance is a lighter bumper, but does not lack in the strength department. This bumper fits high and tight to the truck’s body and includes a lower cut out to make sure the truck gets the necessary air flow to keep its cool under heavy loads. There is also an opening in the middle for a light bar if wanted. The bumper also includes numerous mounting points for additional lighting.

Then they moved to the windshield and added the Vicowl. This provides a sleek look that helps block out the sun on the sunny days, but does not block your vision as it comes out to the tint line on factory windshields. The cowl is also possible due to a hood hinge relocation bracket. Take note that the Vicowl is only mounted to the fenders so there is no damage to the roof or windshield A pillar.

This Power Stroke also has the Fab Four open fender system to allow the 40-inch tires with only a leveling kit. This gives the Ford an aggressive look yet it maintains the smooth ride which allows the tires to have clearance from rubbing.

To finish off the truck they mounted up the Vengeance rear bumper that gives the perfect finishing touch to this one of a kind rig. The bumper has been built to handle any abuse as it is made from 11 gauge steel and coated to make it last.

“Go further” in this truck, whether its for work or play. The best part is that you have a chance to be the new owner!

Three bad ass trucks – one winner! Every $5 spent is one automatic entry to win. Time to enter! The hardest part will be deciding which one you want!