We’re not ever really sure what’s going on in Heavy D‘s big noggin, but as of late, it would seem he’s on quite the cleaning binge. It started with putting the Mega RamRunner up for our current giveaway, and now he wants to give away another one of his toys.

Meet what we call – #theHeavyBadger. Its Heavy D‘s very own Polaris Turbo RZR 1000. And now it can be YOURS.

The Heavy Badger is a 2016 Polaris RZR XP 1000, and just like everything else Heavy D builds, it’s “heavily” modified. Let’s start up front and work our way back.

Up front and center, we have an SDR Front Bumper outfitted with a 10″ Heretic Studios Light Bar. Next in line, are the Heretic Studios Headlights that more than double the stock headlight output, providing plenty of visibility (even after the sun goes down).

The front suspension was tossed out in favor of the stronger, higher clearance Long Travel Kit from HCR Racing, which is dampened via 2.5″ King Shocks Coilovers. Assault Industries provided us with Barrel Style Heavy Duty Tie Rods, which is the only way to go if you’re running long travel RCV. So naturally, we threw in a full set of Pro Series UTV Axles.

GlazzKraft offers a Body Kit for the 4-door RZR that widens the fenders and results in a much cleaner look than stock. This was a must. And of course in Sparks Motors fashion, the HeavyBadger was treated to a coat of high gloss gray paint.

In our opinion, protection and comfort should go hand in hand. That’s why we chose PRP for seats and harnesses. The super cush PRP XC Bucket Seats are safely mounted under the “Expedition” UTV Inc. Cage that ties in seamlessly with the UTV Inc. Rear Bumper. A sturdy cage does you no good if you don’t stay in it, so we opted for the PRP 3-inch 5.3 harnesses and SDR HI-BRED Doors.

Bringin’ the rear up to speed, we’ve got HCR Long Travel Trailing Arms, 2.5″ King Shocks Coilovers, and RCV Axle Shafts. To polish off the set up, we added upgraded Sway Bar Links and Radius Arms.

The drivetrain is mostly stock with the exception of the Packard Performance Tune and Sparks Exhaust. To put the power to the ground, 33″ Patriot Torque M/T’s wrap around 17″ Trail Ready Beadlocks that allow you to drop tire pressure and never worry about losing the bead.

Some bonus features include the Rugged Radios Intercom System, giving all four passengers the ability to easily communicate through all the wind noise. Too much light is not a thing, so we added a 30″ light bar and dual cubes from Heretic Studios.

So basically… this is one badass UTV. With just over a week to get entered, this giveaway is short and sweet. Get in it to win it before it’s too late.



1/30/17 – 2/6/17

2016 Polaris RZR XP

1000 Turbo


Sully Schlegel
Rosebush, Michigan